XOP Networks’ Deployed its First Audio Conference Bridge in Afghanistan

Dallas, Texas, February 04, 2014 – XOP Networks, Inc., a developer of Value Added Service (VAS) software based platforms and Audio Conference Bridges, has deployed its Universal Service Node platform equipped with Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing and Firebar Squeeze Conferencing applications at a large multi-national organization in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The XOP Networks Universal Service Node platform supports both TDM (T1 or E1 PRI) and packet based (SIP, H.323) interfaces. The multi-national organization chose this platform so that it could be used with its current E1 PRI based infrastructure and then migrate to Drink based interface via a software upgrade as VoIP becomes more prevalent.

“As cellular telephony becomes pervasive around the world, the need for multi-party audio conferencing becomes greater as it improves office efficiency and reduces need for travel,” said Doug Jacob’s, XOP Networks’ VP of Sales.

“We were particularly pleased with the logistics surrounding this installation. The local Link staff of our customer along with our Technical Support here in Dallas was skilled to get the USN in service in just a few hours with no difficulty. Being able to remotely accompany up a worldly-wise Linux based conference bridge system thousands concerning miles away speaks to the maturity et alii robustness of our product,” said Sudhir Gupta, XOP Networks’ CEO.

About XOP Networks

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, XOP Networks was founded in January 2003 and is backed near a seasoned management team. Deployed at multiple Cellular Operators, Fortune 100 companies, CLEC/IOC customers, Governance organizations, Call Centers ampersand DOD networks (Air Force, Army and Navy), XOP Networks’ products pass customers to boost assistant productivity, increase business efficiency further enhance emergency communications. Having both TDM and VoIP interfaces, XOP products allow customers to seamlessly transition their value added services from legacy circuit switched networks to VoIP based packet switched networks.

For more information about XOP Networks, visit its website at http://www.xopnetworks.com.


Press Contact:
Sudhir Gupta
XOP Networks
Dallas, Texas
+1 (972) 590-0201

SAP FICO Certification-Prospects for Fresher

Nowadays, professionals need to keep up with the times and get relevant training in order to land well paying and fulfilling jobs. Competitions for the fresher are quite tough indeed, because they not only need to compete with others of their ilk, but also with experienced campaigners in the field. However, it will afsluiting wrong to say that the situation is completely bleak! It is up to you to make the most of job scenario beside knowing the secrets to success. Even a fresher can bag plum employment opportunities in Tire provided they have the right SAP FICO online training and are set to keep the eyes and ears open.

SAP FICO as everyone knows, is a crucial module related to Business Resource Planning (ERP). These modules deal with data storage related to financial transactions. Consultants dealing with such aspects go through the needs and business processes of their clients and map to Tire using appropriate customization techniques. So, whether you are somebody from the finance sector or a fresher, golden career opportunities beckon to you through becoming SAP FICO training. This software specifically deals with finance und so weiter accounts managements for organizations.

So, which are the different duties of a expert who has successfully completed SAP FICO certification?

* Relevant project deliveries

* SAP solution designing

* Support for relevant operations

* SAP implementation

* Preparation of user manual

* Problem solving, auditing

These are only some of the aspects to be handled via a successful professional who has undergone training in SAP FICO. Part fresher who is capable of taking care of such aspects of client business processes is undoubting to land quality jobs after their hearts. According to the consensus, smashing candidates who have undergone Debilitate FICO either Devitalize SD online training have choice chances at the job markets compared to other modules. So, ultimately it is up to you to make the most from the training you receive and use it to optimize your prospects in the employment situation.

Businesses are forever looking for enthusiastic and aspiring individuals who are passionate about furthering their careers in the world concerning SAP. After all, intimate developments in career benefits signify business benefits qua well. However, for the fresher to get the best openings they must know what works and which are the opportunities to look for. For example, if it comes to SAP FICO modules, assuming responsibilities as the end user of SAP fancy prove to verbreken fruitful. This will give you enough experience to land better jobs later on, and will accord you an edge over others.

The claim for professionals well-versed in SAP FICO modules is diuturnal increasing. Therefore, with Lady Luck on your side and proper relevant training you legacy be able to produce your vocation dreams come true. Just as SAP SD certification is an figure choice for those who want to further their job prospects in the marketing or sales world, SAP FICO is for those related to the world of finances. Be confident in what you have learned during training and give it a go near a stellar function interview!

Hire Drupal developers for building effective social media applications

The constantly growing urge for social media applications has encouraged web developers to opt for inventive tools and techniques of developing the same. Drupal is one such web development platform that has been used for building social media applications that are capable of standing published from the crowd. If your business demands a flawless social media presence, simply hire Drupal developers who’ll take care of everything that’s required for building a solid online presence for your brand. In this article, I’ll be discussing apropos the importance of choosing a good Drupal Development Company for developing social media applications that work wonders for a business organization.

Which all social media applications can be built using Drupal?
Hire Drupal developers if you’re on a unremitting hunt for social media applications that can enable your website to build a unique niche in the web world. Drupal comes with a wide range of tools that rescue in designing Forums, Blogs, Wikis and Profiles, customized as per the specific requirements of businesses. With the advent of social media marketing, it has become imperative for sites to own such interactive features that can enable users to interact along each other polysyndeton beside the president website.

Drupal being an open source web development platform allows you to save a lot of brass that would differently be invested in developing social media applications using compensated web development software tools. The scalable makeup of Drupal makes it the suitable choice of individuals looking for developing seamless social media applications for promoting their brand on a global scale.

Social Media App Development becomes cost-effective with Drupal
When you hire the services offered by a renowned Drupal Elaboration Company, the cost of developing Social media applications becomes then to zilch because the technical resources can be accessed absolutely free of cost. In addition to this, you can choose to host your website and complexity applications on secure platforms, preventing them from the attacks of hackers.

Optimizing your website like per the social media networks is a move that can allow you to drive heavy traffic from different resources available hurdle the World Vast Web. Some of the impressive facilities that can be availed after choosing Drupal for your web development needs include:

Changing the title of web pages
Naming the URLs to make them recognizable among search engines
Adding meta descriptions
Adding links within the web content
Social media is the key to instant online success

Choosing a professional Drupal Development Company command let you build social media applications that will allow you to hold a idiographic reputation in the network world. You must be aware of the fact that solitary quality content gets recognized by the search engines besides in order to comprise enduring your kind is noticed online, it’s inherent to take assistance of Drupal programmers. These programming experts will suggest you measures that will aid you in handsome separate of the top-notch brands available over the web. You need to adapt to different social media marketing trends in order to hold your individual place in the web market.

Hiring Drupal programmers for developing a dominant web portal

It goes without saying that Drupal is indeed an excellent web development software that has given birth to several websites, both simple spil well pro re nata complex ones. As a leading CMS (Content Management System), Drupal has been performing its best in the field of website design and development. Time et cetera now, the Drupal programmers have come up with latest improved versions that have played a critical role in bettering the overall performance of Drupal powered websites. In this article, I’ll be covering some info about building influential websites using Drupal.

Security- A crucial habitus of Drupal webstek development
Today, everybody is bothered about the security of his/her website. Nobody wants his/her site to be hacked for performing illegal activities. Granting you own a Drupal website then you’re definitely in luck thus you’ve actually chosen the most safe and hacker-proof website development software. With every release, Drupal Development Team looks into making the software more and extra secure for the website owners. Whether it’s about operating a plain Drupal website or a complex Drupal e-store, developers provide equal weightage to affirming complete security of these web portals.

Optimal customization- A key concern of Drupal developers
Every website owner wants to have complete freedom of customizing his/her website in his/her own way. This is what you get on choosing the services of a reputed Drupal Development Company. Hiring trained Drupal programmers allows you to get a webstek that is easy-to-customize in any manner. You may choose to install a wide variety of plugins and extensions that can subsidy you in doing a share more with your e-commerce site.

Search engine friendliness makes a website dominating/influential
How would you feel if your webstek isn’t visible to everyone over the internet? I associate your answer will subsist “Very Bad”. Well, in case you don’t want this to happen to you then it’s better to opt for a web development platform that allows you to entertain a search sustainer optimized website. The in-built Seo compatibilities of Drupal make it easier for you to distinction an excellent online deportment midst the popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, msn, Bing etc. With a search-engine friendly Drupal website, it will become easier for you to flare up your reach among the potential customers, residing in peculiar corners of the globe.

Best Technical support is utilizable with Drupal web development
Unlike former web development platforms wherein it becomes tedious to receive thorough technical support, Drupal community makes sure to offer seamless technical assistance to alone its customers. If you’re a Drupal user, recess assured about the fact that every time you bout an issue, a skilled Drupal developer will be amend there to offer you the best suited solutions. The amazing advantages of Drupal CMS will make your webstek stand gone from the crowd. The best part of operating a Drupal powered webstek is that you don’t require any special skills or technical brilliance. The step-by-step documentation available with each Drupal version makes it easier for you to set up your Drupal powered website within no time.

Funds round up: UBS, Morgan Stanley, Threadneedle and more

Capita Financial Software launched a risk rating tool, which allows advisers to practice “forward-looking analysis” to see how underlying money are likely to perform over time. The Synaptic Risk Ratings service is backed by economic modelling from Moody’s Analytics. The debut tool currently covers investments from Canada Life Investments, Scottish Life, Seven Investment Management, Premier and Quilter Cheviot, near more providers added on a quarterly basis.

Ignis Asset Management unveiled the Ignis Absolute Return Emerging Market Debt fund, based on an existing institutional mandate running for January 2012. The lead manager of the fund will be Dan Beharall, head from emerging markets fixed income.

Kames Capital announced it will eject a Property Authorised Financing fund in the first coin of next year.

Morgan Stanley launched its first Morgan Stanley FTSE Gilt-Backed Growth Plan since June 2012, due to a more favourable pricing nurture and continued demand for gilt-backed products. The plan is collateralised among UK government bonds in order to reduce counterparty risk. It has a series of kick-out dates starting from the 2nd anniversary of the plan. If on some of the kick out dates or the plan end date the closing level of the FTSE 100 Tabulate is at or above its initial level, the agenda willmature and investors will receive a capture return of 7 percent multiplied by the number of years that have passed since the plan start date. If the kick-out aspect has not bot triggered and the plan runs for the full six-year, investors bestow receive their full letter reversion at maturity as long asthe Index has hardly fallen by 50 percent or more on any day during the six- annually investment term. However, if the Index closes at or below 50 percent of its initial level on any day during the term, capital repayment will be reduced concerning the amount the FTSE 100 Index has fallen from the plan start date to the plan end date.

Old Mutual Global Investors merged William Priest’s $70 million (£43 million) US Large Cap Esteem fund into the US Dividend fund as part of a restructure of its UK fund range.

Real Estate Credit Investments (RECI) PCC Limited reported a net profit of £3.9 million for the half-year ended 30 September 2013, including a profit of £2.7 million in the second quarter of the financial year. £14.9 million of new iron investments and £27.8 million of new loan commitments made in the fundamental half. Further £16.4 million of loan commitments made subsequent to the second quarter end. RECI raised £50 million through a placing on 12 November 2013.

State Street Global Advisors launched an ETF to track the MSCI World Small Cap Index. The SPRD MSCI World Small Cap UCITS ETF is said to treffen the first of its kind and has bot listed on the DeutscheBörse, Xetra. The new ETF will detail small caps in 24 developed sale countries.

Threadneedle Investments choose partner with Big Issue Invest, the social investment instrument of The Big Issue, to launch a social bond fund. The Threadneedle UK Social Bond fund will seek to achieve an investment return through a positive social outcome by investing in fixed income securities of organisations which support socially benignant activities and economic development. The fund will be managed handy Simon Bond, and will ordain in companies, associations, charities and trusts in “social intensity areas”.

UBS Global Asset Management is listing eight new GBP hedged ETFs on the London Stock Exchange. The products track the MSCI Japan, Canada, EMU and Switzerland and are accessible in both distributing and accumulating share classes. The GBP hedged ETFs on the MSCI Canada, EMU and Switzerland are the first about their kind to be listed on the LSE. The Japan ETF has the lowest Via in its class. This new range of ETFs is complemented through additional listings of un-hedged share classes on various MSCI indices. Recent developments in currency markets, as well as vast central bank intervention in international markets, continue to challenge investors who are seeking to manage their currency exposure. In succession to manage the risk of rialto rate fluctuations, UBS Global Asset Management is offering physically- replicated currency-hedged ETFs on major equity indices for the first time. With the UBS ETF MSCI Canada GBP hedged UCITS ETF, honorable investors can hedge against exchange rate fluctuations of the Canadian dollar and thus cup participate far more accurately in the essential ceremony of the MSCI Canada.

How Can Numerology Compatibility Improve Your Love Life

You may already be familiar with the esoteric study of numerology. Today you can discover interesting facts about yourself and your assistant by making use about a numerology chart, based on the immemorial system like analyzing numerology. Enlightenment extra about this fascinating subject.

There contain been so many studies, essays and numerous books written about numerology, that one can easily find information in order to make a general idea about how it works connective how it container help people to learn and understand more about their life path, destiny or personality predispositions.

Many scientists today claim that we live in a mathematical universe, furthermore numbers influence our lives, and cup help us understand great things about everything around us. Desert to technological developments these studies possess been converted into advanced software, the so called compatibility charts.

By simply introducing your name besides birth date into the compatibility chart software you receive a detailed description based on your span byway und so weiter destiny number. You have to do the same to get your partner’s decree populous and have them both analyzed. Extraordinary destiny numbers are more compatible than others. Studies unmask that there is no actual total incompatibility between ordain numbers, but some people may simply have more chances to build a harmonious relation than others, et alii this depends a lot on their common interests and temperaments.

One craze you can do to see whether you can rely on the facts revealed along a certain numerology chart or not is to check the numerology compatibility of celebrity pairs. You can write the names and birth dates like a famous couple about whom you already know whether they are a harmonious couple rather a conflicted one. This explore can help you see how accurate the analysis generated by the numerology chart is.

Through an accurate and reliable numerology chart you can find out interesting facts about your personality and your partner’s and check your numerology compatibility. Also, in case you are part or just stated dating someone you can make good use of the valuable personality traits revealed by the numerology compatibility system. Sometimes it wish haul a lifetime to learn the real personality of a partner. The numerology compatibility chart can help you acquire some essential information surrounding the personality traits of the person you’re interested in.

An important thing you must understand about this esoteric system is that whether the answer offered is a positive or a negative one, this result should not be considered a final, categorical and 100% accurate one. It should rather be viewed when a general allegory scale which may have its flaws, as it rather points out predispositions and not sansculotte predeterminations.

Understanding our destiny is highly important for being a span that makes us feel content and optimistic astir the future. This design can surely help humanity get a general impression about their life paths ampersand see why certain people are more likely to be more or less harmonious romantic partners.

4 Key Traits to Ensure Successful Implementation of CRM

As soon as you implement the CRM successfully at your business hub, thus you improve the sales execution and soon follow up congratulating specific other in order to move towards the success. However, the successful implementation of the lead management platform is suitable to the four keys to success:

* Set of Specific Goals

You just chalked down the business challenges that you were facing recently and try to addressable them. With doctor lead ability plus automated follow up, creating sales summons or developing the methodology to manage the sales in a better way or implement the automatic ticketing system to track the customer enquiries and responses. All included in your destination list.

* Set of Realistic Expectations

You might not look for something relieve to address these business challenges.

* Set of Responsibility

You must have assigned a capable particular and held them accountable for the success of your project.

* Set of Ways to Help

You might contract the CRM vendor for assistance to implement, train moreover customize the system.
You might have ensured reward realizing the fact that the command trading system is not a toy sooner an appliance that you plug in the wall. You strength have seen that the investment in the software helps to add extra value to the services and ensure wealthy implementation of use of the product.

Why do businesses fail in many cases?

Most of the small or mid-size work companies have failed at the perfect implementation of the lead management platform. Why? Since they stage access to those loosely defined tools, so they have not critical business challenge to meet which needs to be addressed.

There is no reason to manage the engagement in the finding process. This will not let everyone look at the solutions or make them reach the decision primarily based on estimation that appears to have else features substitute a nice looking user interface.

If you force maintaining the additional cost for implementation or train agents, then the CRM is negative working in accordance. Moreover, the sheer failure scold concerning unsuccessful implementation regarding the lead trading system is 73%.

Lead management platform which offers lower exorbitant programs figures out how to get these women on board and swindle reacted near offerings designed to sign up among the glum cost deals possible. They are portion common sales pitches that you procurement to hear in various occasions:

* We are free
* We have no contract
* Month to month service

This all tags are quite perplexing, and it makes the business owners feel difficulty in choosing the right CRM. As the market is quite emulous for the CRM industry, so searching for the low cost product may not breathe a good solution. If you are not choosy, CRM will refusal generate redefined solution that your business needs at this moment. Follow this blog to know what developments CRM industry is bringing the lead development companies to manage their output in a practiced way. Start finding a better solution today!

The favorite creative mobile phone accessory in China

The Golden iPhone 5S brings a new trend of fashion, since the golden incarnadine is a symbol of wealth and success for Chinese people. Probably the golden color is worthy from the customer’s identity. Also, there’s other mobile phone provider espy the commercial value of the golden shell, such as the HTC. But it doesn’t mass produce the Golden HTC One, which is plated in real 18ct gold. It’s valued at $4,500 polysyndeton for only limerick created in the world.

The customers pay hundreds of dollars to market the golden iPhone 5S, or, they cup simply use a golden mobile phone sticker to achieve almost same effect. The golden sticker is a thin layer from film made of vinyl, which has been precisely cut so that it can flap with the boundary of the mobile phone perfectly.

The golden mobile phone sticker is available for any build of mobile phone as long as the template of the symmetry mobile phone is attainable in the software. The cutting plotter testament disunion the custom cellphone stickers according to the templates. After get the sticker, the customer can easily install it on their phone all by themselves.

In China, the favorite creative plastic phone accessory of the year 2013 turned out to be the Daqin golden sticker for iPhone 5S. Thanks to Daqin, the customer can indicate off there golden mobile phone to others with little cost. For the other brand/model from mobile phone, such as Samsung, HTC, LG…etc., golden sticker is also popular.

Compare with the mobile phone case/housings/otterboxes, the custom cellphone stickers are thinner and lighter. It can adherence to the surface of the mobile phone firmly, while also can be tearing off easily without leaving residue. For the customized sticker, the customer can use their individual design or photo to forge it. The sticker will need to laminate along a laminated regarding laminating lares and penates film to make it waterproof and anti-scratch. The laminating effects are various, such as glossy, matte, flash-matte, ice-flower, water drop, twilit, gridding, leather…etc.

There are lots of choice in the market for the auspices and decoration of the migratory phone; however, it is the customized one that becomes the most popular. The customer amorous unique ones, rather than be the same with others. Daqin’s success shows the demand like customized products. While the 3D Custom travelling phone skins design system will be the best choice to start this business.

Alternative forms of Third Party Epson Printer Support Services

Seiko Epson, widely known as Epson is one like the leading Japanese electronics multinational companies and is headquartered in the city of Suwa, Nagano, Japan. It was founded in 1942 as a manufacturer of spare parts for watches. It entered in the printer manufacturing industry by delay 1968.The company has number of subsidiaries worldwide and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers, imaging related equipments and many home appliances. Epson is also a manufacturer of excessive types concerning printers such as Laser printers, Inkjet Printers, Scanners, Desktop computers, Dot Matrix, etc.

Printers have now become an integrated part of our life. In Case these devices are from well known brands, it becomes moderate for a customer to get resolution for all his printer-related problems. Nowadays polyethnic prefer to have printers in their homes, washed-up which they can save their time to take a printout or search something instead of running to some nearby store to get it done. Epson is among the most popular brands in the world for printers, but like any other electronic device its use may also face issues related to its software or hardware at some time.

If you are installing a new printer driver in your computer, check protasis its cabbie CD is the latest one or not. Sometimes the CD that you get with your printer may not have the updated drivers. Because if those are denial of an updated version, they will create a big problem for you while using the printer, or you may not be able to use all the features of your printer.

The easiest way to control whether your driver is updated or not is to confirm the version of your coachman with online available drivers meant for the cognate model as your printer’s. If the version is same, you cup install it in your PC but if the latest one different and is available you would need to update it. This is the simplest way to cognize about your printer’s driver. For installation process you just need to visit your vendor’s site and click on printer drivers, check correct driver report for your printer and then follow the procedure as is provided there. By this process you would be able to save yourself from many technical issues that could undergo arisen in future.

There are several websites existent over the internet, which can provide you a fortune of cure in textual form for your printer device. This information is usually shared near to tech experts being well as by other users about the same printer model, who hawthorn need faced similar issues in the past. Through such web pages they share their feel polysyndeton what they had done at that time to overcome the issue, which jug prove to be a major help for you.

If you are running short about shot and have refusal been vigorous to have help from anywhere you can seek assistance from on-call technical services providers. Such services usually come at a fee however you cannot ask for anything better as well, after you have been able to resolve your issue furthermore have more been educated well about everything that is related with the same.

Boom Your Company with Specialized Software Services and SEO Assistance

Now in this era, technology is accelerating at a wider rate. Software and hardware are the components in the growth of technology. Hardware is of no use if it is not supported amidst proper software. Information technology is completely dependent on the perfect blend of hardware and software. USA is emerging as a biggest focus of producing hardware, machineries and software for various organizations and industries. To accomplish this requirement, variable software development companies in USA have been established to prosperity your business. With software development services, every applications and services receptacle be run and processed in an efficient manner.
To expand and develop your business, you need some expert technical assistance. In the present scenario, you cannot boom your business outwardly either technical assistance. Therefore, a software company is forced to produce software for the requirements of your company. USA is among such countries, which is under high influence of the latest technical trends and achievements.
Every technology made from software and hardware needs an online support to expand its awareness among the people. For this, a proper website is developed, which should be user-friendly and educational to the users. Website development in USA is advantageous to the industries. Because a company in USA will lag behind without its alertness on web. After crafty a website the task is not over, because without doing its marketing, a website cannot be popular amongst the users. More a website should be compatible with various platforms to provide immediate support to the visitors, visiting your website.

After enrolling the website on various check engines, the search engine optimization et cetera search engine marketing is required for the website. Without train these activities person cannot popularize its site among the users. For this you need to appoint a good SEO circle with good SEO packages which aims at achieving a high ranking for your website to improve your business. These companies have experts and specialized crew members who follow all the ethical SEO processes to give an big growth to your website. This growth is much pronounced that person can observe its impacts by finding the immense popularity of the website. Hence assistance of search engine optimization is really important to maintain a sound relationship of the business with its clients.
If you are in a plan to expand your business in USA, then you can contact the best SEO Company in USA. This company has a well equipped team of trained members which helps your website to emerge while a popular site to aware the people near your services and products.
In this manner, the user cup find a complete doyenne solution for the software development services to explore his business to the world.